Adoption Announcement Wording – From The Heart

Adopting a child is an exciting experience. You are welcoming a child into your home, which is a time of happiness. You may be adopting an infant, a toddler or an older child. But whatever the age, just like the birth of a baby, you’ll want to formally announce the new arrival to your family and friends. Selecting the right words for such announcements can be tricky. Here are some ideas for your adoption announcement wording and samples of some of our most popular custom adoption announcements.

Simple Adoption Announcements

With advances in technology, you can keep your loved ones updated on your adoption progress through email, blogs and social media. Since you have likely already informed your friends and family of your plans to adopt, you can choose to keep the actual announcement simple. All that will be necessary is an announcement that your child has officially joined the family. Here are some samples of brief adoption announcement wording:

Whimsical White Frame Adoption Announcement by
Whimsical White Frame Adoption Announcement by


Dreams do come true! Meet the newest member of our family.

The universe has a way of knowing when people belong together.

Our family tree just grew a new branch.

Look who just joined our family!

We are thrilled to announce the newest member of our family.

We have a wonderful new addition in our family.

Our family tree is blessed by a new branch.

With love and pride we welcome a new member into our family.

We are forever grateful for this amazing journey we are embarking on.

We’ve been blessed by the arrival of a new family member.

The miracle of adoption has touched our family.

Formal Adoption Announcements

Perhaps a formal announcement is more your family’s style. Formal adoption announcements make beautiful keepsakes for the family. Here are some ways to elegantly express your excitement over your new addition:

With long awaited joy
we formerly announce the official adoption of our new family member.

We joyously announce the adoption of our new daughter.

It’s been a long and arduous road. Our newest family member is finally here.  

With love in our hearts, we proudly announce the adoption of our new son.

We are so happy and proud to announce the adoption of our little girl.

We are thrilled to introduce our family’s newest member.

Casual Adoption Announcements

Teal Black Photo Adoption Announcement by
Teal Black Photo Adoption Announcement by


To keep it light and joyful, have a little fun with your adoption announcement wording by using one of these sweet phrases:

Good things come in small packages. Ours arrived today!

Hey diddle diddle
someone new, someone little.

He wasn’t expected,
he was selected.

We’ll never forget the day she came into our lives…
…it was the day she got a home and we got a purpose.

We’re happy to announce a new addition to our line-up.

A new little cowboy/cowgirl just rode into our lives!

He’s finally here, he finally arrived. 
A beautiful child has entered our lives. 
Our family is thrilled, 
as you may have guessed. 
We’re very thankful that 
we’ve been so blessed.

 Not from our flesh or from our bone,
but still we’re proud to call her our own.

With joyous hearts we are shouting from the rooftops! Please help us welcome Joseph to our family!

We’ll never forget for even a minute,
he grew not under my heart, but in it.

At one glance we loved her with a thousand hearts.

She’s melted our hearts. Please help us welcome Cecily to our family. 

We didn’t give him the gift of life, but in our hearts we know,
the love we feel is deep and real, as if it had been so.

Religious Adoption Announcements

If your family is religious, you may want to incorporate your faith into your announcements. Here are some Bible verses and religious adoption announcement wording you can use:

We may not have given you the gift of life
but God has given us the gift of you.

From the Heavens above, God has sent us a child to love.

When God made her, He had us in mind.

Though not ours by blood, she was always part of His plan for us. 

We are overjoyed to announce God’s gift to our family
through the miracle of adoption and a journey of faith.

“I prayed for this child, and the Lord has granted what I asked of Him…” 1 Samuel 1:27

 “Every good and perfect gift is from above…” James 1:17

“Whoever receives one such child in my name receives me.” Matthew 18:5

Our faith has kept us strong on this long journey. We are proud to announce the adoption on our little girl. 

Funny Adoption Announcements

If you’re naturally funny people or your friends and family appreciate humor, there’s no better way to announce your new arrival than by having a little fun. Try one of these humorous phrases for your announcements:

Spared the weight gain, spared the birth,
for that I love her more than anything on Earth.

He’s ours, and he looks nothing like us.
Thank goodness!

He has our hearts. We spared him our looks. 

Look, we bought a baby!

All the love without the nine months of work. We proudly announce the adoption of our new little boy!

No matter which phrase you select, you’ll want to find the perfect way to welcome your new addition into the world and into your family. Your adoption announcements are an extension of your unique personality, so enjoy creating something original. Your customized adoption announcements will will become family keepsakes for years to come, so put your own personal touch on them and have fun.

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