Baby Boy Announcement Wording – It’s A Blue Bundle

After nine long months, you’ll finally get to hold your baby boy in your arms and announce his arrival to your family and friends. Just like you took your time naming your bundle of joy, you’ll want to make sure to select the perfect baby boy announcement wording. Whether you opt to keep it simple, formal or funny, you can create the perfect custom baby boy announcements your loved ones will keep and cherish forever.

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Simple Birth Announcements

Sometimes brevity is best. You may want to keep the wording on your baby boy announcements simple. Here are a few phrases that get right to the point:



We’re jumping with joy over our new baby boy!

With hearts filled with love, we proudly introduce our son.

Watch out world, here comes another McMinnis boy! 

Meet our new little slugger.

After nine months, were happy to say
that it’s a boy and he’s ready to play.

We’re proud to announce our most precious gift, our son.

Oh boy! We’re elated that our family is expanding by one more little guy!

There’s a new chief in town!

All of God’s grace in one little face…

Formal Birth Announcements

Perhaps you’d like to send more formal announcements to announce your baby boy’s arrival. Here are some samples of some distinguished baby boy birth announcement wording:

We are pleased to announce the birth of our son.

We joyfully announce the birth of our son.

From God’s loving arms to ours…

Filling our arms with love and our hearts with joy, we proudly announce the birth of our boy.

We’re pleased to announce the arrival of our little miracle.

With great honor we announce the birth of our precious son.

Casual Birth Announcements

Orange and Green Name Photo Boy Birth Announcement by
Orange and Green Name Photo Boy Birth Announcement by


A poem or catchy phrase will make your baby boy announcements fun. Lighten up the announcement with one of these samples:

Tiny yawns and sleepy sighs, 
cries, coos and lullabies. 
A brand new life has just begun, 
we’re happy to announce we have a son!

Twinkling eyes so bright, so new,
we’re proud to present our son to you.

Star light, star bright we greet our baby boy with pure delight!

The dust has settled and we are full of joy
as we announce the arrival of our baby boy

Snips and snails and puppy dog tails. Our little baby boy is finally here!

Another sweet smile to brighten our day,
a small set of hands to hold on the way

With patience and love, we waited for our baby boy.  With excitement and pride, we announce him to the world.

Our little boy is as cute as a bug
he is one we can’t help but hug.

Our families rejoice, a new life’s begun
our circle is richer, with the birth of our son.

Into the world with a running start, 
our family has a brand new part.

Dreams really do come true…
ours came to us wrapped in blue.

Religious Birth Announcements

If your household is religious, perhaps you’d like your announcements to feature a Bible verse or spiritual quote. Here are some examples of religious baby announcement wording:

God’s most beautiful thoughts bloom into children.

We thank the Lord for the blessings he bestows,
Ten tiny fingers and ten tiny toes.

Sent to us from Heaven above,
a gift from God for us to love.

With hearts full of praise and gratitude, 
we joyfully announce God’s gift to us.

“Every good and perfect gift is from above…” James 1:17

“Behold, children are a gift of the Lord…” Psalms 127:3

“Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you.  Before you were born, I set you apart…” Jeremiah 1:5

Our prayers have been answered in the form of this precious boy. 

Funny Birth Announcements

Undercover CIA Baby Birth Announcement by
Undercover CIA Baby Birth Announcement by


Everyone loves to laugh, and a funny announcement is a great way to introduce your son. Looking to make your family members laugh along with “Awww?” Add a little humor to your announcements with one of these funny phrases:

After nine months of construction,
our little project is complete!

We’d like to present our new miniature human.

We thought we were doing simple addition…turns out we were multiplying.

Look what the stork dropped!

Oops, we did it again! Help us welcome boy #2 into our family!

What happens in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas.
We’d like to introduce our son.

 Announcing the fashionably late arrival of our son.

There’s a new sheriff in town!

Here comes trouble!

No matter which phrase you select, you’ll want to find the perfect way to welcome your new addition into the world. Just like your baby boy, your announcements are an extension of your unique personality, so enjoy creating something original. Choose a boy birth announcement wording website that lets you custom design your announcements and has a good reputation. Most importantly, have fun!

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