Big Sister Announcement Ideas: Photo Ideas and Sibling Announcement Ideas

big sister announcement ideas

Are you in need of big sister announcement ideas for your little girl? Search no further! You’ll find what you’re looking for in this list of fun and creative big sister announcement ideas.

big sister announcement ideas
New baby sister lays on back of big sister.

1) Wear the News

A popular means of announcing a little girl’s soon-to-be promotion to big sister is with “Big Sis” and “Big Sister, Finally!” shirts and dresses.

Do a google search to find one you like, or if you don’t mind putting a bit of time and effort into it, make your own.

After you have the shirt, have your little girl wear the shirt next to your newborn baby. Then, add the photo to a custom photo birth announcement and share your great news with friends and family.

big sister announcement ideas
Big and little sister shirts. Photo courtesy of

2) Signs & Banners

Snap a photo of your little girl holding a DIY sign inscribed with her special news.

You can keep things simple with chalk and a chalkboard or pen and paper or go the more fancy route and purchase a pre-designed baby announcement sign online.

Pumpkins, sand, a sidewalk, and even snow can also be used to write a message on. Here are a few cute messages you can inscribe your sign with:

big sister announcement ideas
Big sister announcement chalkboard sign by ModernStarPrint. Photo courtesy of

“only child expiring 11.11.2014.”

“I’m being promoted to big sister.”

“Pink or blue? Mommy’s due with number two!”

“I’m so sweet that my parents decided to make another one!”

3) Embrace the season

Incorporating hints of the season into your sibling birth announcements can add a lot of color and fun to your special news.

If your baby arrived in fall, try writing your special news on a pumpkin. Have your little girl hold the pumpkin while standing next to your new baby.

big sister announcement ideas
Big sister with her new little sister taken around Christmas.

For a winter or Christmas sibling announcement photo, take a photo of your little girl and baby on the floor in front of your Christmas tree.

Add the photo to a custom Christmas birth announcement complete with cute wording, like “Merry Christmas Baby! Welcome my new little brother/sister (insert baby’s name).”

big sister announcement ideas
Cute Easter big sister announcement idea.

For a spring big sister announcement photo, try snapping a photo of your baby wearing bunny ears resting in a colorful basket with your daughter sitting beside it.

Add the photo to a sibling announcement with cute wording, like “I’m hoppy to finally be a big sister. Meet baby (insert baby’s name).”

big sister announcement ideas
Summer outdoor portrait of cute little girl sitting on meadow with her baby sister lying in old suitcase.

For a summer big sister announcement photo, wrap your baby in a red white and blue blanket or quilt. Have your daughter hold the baby or lie next to him or her.

Snap a photo and add it to a baby announcement with wording like “Happy fourth of July to me because I am now a big sister!”

big sister announcement ideas
Big sister next to her little sister on a blanket outside.

For an easier option, embrace summer by taking a photo of your newborn and daughter in a fresh field of flowers, in a park, or at the beach.

4) Sisterly Love

Snap of a photo of your little girl and your new baby together. If your little girl is old enough, you can even take a photo of her holding the baby.

If not, simply snap a photo of your little girl kissing your new baby or take a photo of her hugging her new sibling.

big sister announcement ideas
Pretty little girl kissing her adorable baby brother.

Add the picture to a custom photo sibling announcement and share your special news with friends and family.

5) Baskets & Baby Carriages

Since your baby will likely still be a newborn when you’re taking your big sister announcement or birth announcement photos, it will be good to have a safe and comfortable place for them to rest while taking the photos.

Baskets and carriages will not only provide your newborn with comfort and safety, but also add character and charm to your photos.

big sister announcement ideas
Big sister kissing her little sister who is resting in a wicker basket.

You can snap a photo of your little girl pushing your new baby in an elegant carriage or set up your baby in a basket with your little girl beside it.

Big Sister Announcement Ideas

Hopefully you found these big sister announcement ideas helpful! Make sure to check out the rest of our posts on for more birth announcement ideas and inspiration! And check out for a vast collection of beautiful and fully customizable photo sibling birth announcements. Good luck with your big sister announcements!

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