Pregnancy Announcement Ideas – Bun In The Oven

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas – Bun In The Oven


The test reads positive. The doctor confirms it. The morning sickness begins. It’s official, you’re having a baby! While you’ll have plenty of adjustments to make and sleepless nights ahead, now is the time to be excited and share the good news with those you love through pregnancy announcements.

Announcing a pregnancy is an extremely special time. Nothing gets a family more excited than a new addition.Your family and friends will be as eager to share in your joy as you are to share your news. Instead of relying on word of mouth or Facebook, send out personal pregnancy announcements to help them feel more special. Get inspired by these pregnancy announcement ideas before creating your own.

Traditional Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

If your family is traditional, you may choose to create classic custom pregnancy announcement cards. These can be simple cards ordered online that state your good news and your estimated due date.

photo pregnancy announcement
Purple stripes expecting pregnancy announcement by PurpleTrail.

Modern Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

A more modern pregnancy announcement might include photos of you and your partner or something clever like a photo strip. Here are some modern pregnancy announcement ideas:

modern photo pregnancy announcement
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A nice photo shoot with you and your partner is not only a great way to announce your pregnancy, but it will also be a wonderful way to show your child how excited you were when you found out he or she was on the way.

positive test pregnancy announcement
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Taking a picture of your positive pregnancy test is a great way to get the message out, loud and clear. This method is particularly effective if your test reads “PREGNANT” on the front.

scrabble letters pregnancy announcement
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This pregnancy announcement uses a wedding ring and Scrabble letters to declare the good news.

Unique Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Perhaps you want to think outside the box when it comes time to announce your pregnancy. With wording resources online that allow you to create whatever you envision, it will be easy to create unique pregnancy announcements to share with your family and friends.

funny pregnancy announcement
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This adorable photo gets creative with a jar of Prego spaghetti sauce. He’s drinking wine while she has ginger ale on ice, letting everyone know there’s a baby on board.

This photo also utilizes the Prego jar:

creative pregnancy announcement

family feet pregnancy announcement
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Take a photo of your shoes, your partner’s shoes and baby shoes. Create a card with “We’re expecting!” or “Baby makes three!” on the back.

Pet pregnancy announcement
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Before a couple has their first baby, their pet is the baby. Using your dog or cat to announce your pregnancy is both unique and sweet.

Priceless pregnancy announcement
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A play on the classic Mastercard campaign, this “priceless” postcard is a unique way to announce your new arrival. Get creative and invent your own version your family is sure to love.

Announce your new arrival on a theater ticket for an inventive twist on tradition. Let the family know who your new main attraction is.

Funny Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Having a baby may be a serious, life-changing event, but announcing a pregnancy is a perfect time to have a little fun. Here are a few funny pregnancy announcements:

game over pregnancy announcement
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This is a clever announcement for a fun-loving couple who will need to change their ways.

For the hard-partying mom-to-be, these cards from Etsy will let everyone know she’s on the wagon for awhile.

funny pregnancy announcement
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This announcement pokes fun at the transition from free-spirited adults to responsible parents.

pictogram pregnancy announcement
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This hilarious photo strip documents the couple’s surprise, then excitement over the pregnancy.

Sibling Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

If this won’t be your first child, you can have some fun with your announcements that include older siblings.

Second child pregnancy announcement
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Use simple addition to announce that your family is multiplying.

Bun in the oven sibling announcement
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An adorable play on the term “bun in the oven,” this picture will be fun for kids of all ages.

funny photo pregnancy announcement ideas
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This is a cute and simple way to share an older sibling’s “promotion.”

Pregnancy Announcement Wordings

If you decide to send cards for your pregnancy announcements, you’ll want to find just the right wording to suit your style. Draw inspiration from some of these pregnancy announcement wording ideas:

Our home is about to grow
by two feet!
We are expecting our first
baby in August.
We’ll keep you posted…

Little red wagons,
Toy cars & trucks,
Bouncing balls & rubber ducks.
We couldn’t wait any longer to say,
We have a baby boy
on the way!

Tiny pink dresses
a sweet little smile
our darling daughter
is coming in just a short while.

The special time has arrived,
for us to share our big surprise
We’re expecting a baby!

Whom to tell first, we couldn’t decide…
So we sealed lots of envelopes with surprise inside…
We sent them out, all on the same day…
To tell everyone we have a baby on the way!

The best things in life
 are worth waiting for…

We happily announce
we are expecting our first baby.
A boy or a girl?
We’ll have to wait and see.

Little girls are so much fun,
We thought we’d have another one!
Our due date is November 1. 

We’re expecting a baby
A brand new bundle of joy
A very special little gift
Be it a girl or a boy!

This is your pregnancy…announce it any way you’d like! If some of these pregnancy announcement ideas have inspired you, select an announcement website that will allow you to get creative with your vision and design the announcements you desire. Create something that will capture your joy and be a cherished keepsake for years to come.