Cheap Birth Announcements – Baby on a Budget

Since the day you found out you were expecting, you’ve been anxiously awaiting your new bundle of joy. Formally announcing your new arrival will be an exciting and special time. Since expenses can add up quickly when preparing for a new baby, there’s no need to break the bank when you order the birth announcements. These tips will help you order or create perfect cheap birth announcements that will look just as beautiful as the more expensive announcements.

Shop Around

Many popular websites offer cheap birth announcements as a way to help you save money.  is a site created with convenience and affordability in mind. This site allows you to send cheap birth announcements without sacrificing style or compromising on quality. They offer plenty of customization options and beautiful templates. Their design center allows you to add your own personal touches to everything, and their cards start at only $0.49 each.

Pale Pink Monogram Photo Birth Announcement by
Pale Pink Monogram Photo Birth Announcement by

Make sure you find a website with a good reputation that you’re comfortable using. Your birth announcements are special, so place your trust in a company that will produce a quality product.

Make Them Yourself

If you enjoy making crafts, DIY birth announcements are a good way to save some money. Though you won’t have much time for projects once your baby is born, you can get started on them beforehand so that all you’ll need is a photo of the baby to complete them.


Here are the steps to using Adobe Photoshop to create your cheap birth announcements:

1. Start two new PSD format documents in Photoshop.

2. Create each side of your announcement, utilizing all the features of Photoshop.

3. Make sure to include the baby’s full name, birth date, both parents’ names and leave space to add the birth weight if you wish. For baby announcement wording ideas, explore this website.

4. When the baby is born, add a photo or two to complete the announcement.

5. Select a website that will allow you to upload your design, such as Simply upload your design (as a high res. JPEG; 300 dpi) or create your customized card using their easy to use design center. Upload unlimited photos, add text, change fonts and colors as you wish. 

6. Order your announcements. Don’t forget envelopes!

Get Crafty

Handmade birth announcements are easy to assemble and make a precious keepsake for friends and family. Here are some ideas for making your own birth announcements:

simple DIY birth announcement
photo courtesy of


To make announcements like this, buy some card stock in your color of choice along with some white card stock. Print the text on the white card stock, place a black and white photo on top, and layer it over the colored card stock. A corner-rounder paper punch will give you those nice rounded corners. You can also incorporate your own personal touches such as a button, a diaper pin or some ribbon.


DIY fle folder birth announcement
photo courtesy of


If you have some file folders that you aren’t using, you can easily turn them into adorable cheap birth announcements. Write the baby’s name on the folder. Decorate the exterior with printed card stock or a catchy phrase (“Classified: Cute”). Clip the baby’s photo on one side of the inside of the folder and glue card stock with the wording on the other side. The result is attractive, unique and inexpensive.

Simply Sweet Photo Sibling Announcement by
Simply Sweet Photo Sibling Announcement by

You can also put the birth information directly onto the photo, creating a simple birth announcement like the one pictured above. Check out InviteShop’s complete collection of customizable cheap birth announcements.


DIY stamped birth announcement
Photo courtesy of


Hand stamping your birth announcements puts a personal spin on them and makes a great creative touch. If you already have a rubber stamp collection, it won’t cost you a thing. Rubber stamps will be inexpensive at your local craft store, or you can browse websites like this for good deals.

Get Organized

Knowing how many announcements you’ll need will prevent you from ordering too many or spending too much on materials. Before you begin assembling the announcements, create a list of everyone who will expect to receive one. Obviously all extended family and out of town friends will make the list, but also consider close friends and family members who will want a photo and a keepsake of the baby. Co-workers, neighbors and acquaintances should not be forgotten. Make sure you have a current address for everyone on your list to avoid returned announcements.

Make a list of materials you’ll need for any DIY birth announcements. Shop around for inexpensive supplies so you won’t have to sacrifice quality. Most importantly, have fun! With the abundance of resources and ideas available, it’s entirely possible to create cheap birth announcements that will look beautiful and well-made. Your family and friends will love being included in this special time in your life.

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