Gender Announcement Ideas for Photos, Parties, Showers, and More

Whether you’re planning a gender reveal party or you’re planning on announcing your baby’s gender via a custom photo announcement card, you’ll want to showcase your big news in a unique way. Find inspiration in this list of fun and creative baby gender announcement ideas.

Gender Announcement Ideas for Photos, Parties, Showers, and More
Vintage Who Will It Be Owl Gender Reveal Baby Shower Invitation by

Baby Gender Reveal Invitation Wording

If you’re planning a gender reveal party, you can use these gender reveal invitation wording samples to find the perfect phrases for your invites. You will find even more gender reveal invitation wording suggestions throughout the rest of this post. Or, check out our entire collection of customizable gender neutral baby shower invitations at

Bee Themed Gender Reveal Invitation Wording

What will baby Williams bee?

We’ll have to wait and see.

Join us for a gender reveal party

April 20th at 2:00 pm

our home

343 Park Street, Seattle, WA

Holiday Gender Reveal Invitation Wording

Buck or Doe

Soon we will know!

Join us for a holiday gender reveal party

December 5th at 1:00 pm

Our Home

343 Snow Crest Drive

Buck Or Doe Gender Neutral Baby Shower Invitation by
Buck Or Doe Gender Neutral Baby Shower Invitation by

Blue or Pink Gender Reveal Invitation Wording

Blue or Pink

What do you think?

Join us for a gender reveal party in honor of

Baby Smith

Friday, June 20th

Our Home

343 Pine Street

He or She Gender Reveal Invitation Wording

He or She

What will baby Stone be?

Join us to find out

at a baby gender reveal party

April 10th at 2:00 pm

The Pink Door Restaurant

343 Summer Street

Gender Announcement Ideas – Balloons

Try filling a large box with blue (for a boy) or pink (for a girl) helium inflated balloons. Make a sign or write directly on the box, “Is it a boy or girl?”

Gender Announcement Ideas
Pregnant couple holding balloons and a DIY gender reveal sign.

Open the box and have someone snap a photo for a cute gender announcement photo that you can add to a custom baby photo announcement from

For a simpler option, try grasping a bundle of pink or blue balloons instead. They will add a pop of color to your photos, if you’ll be taking any, while helping to accentuate  your special news.

Gender Announcement Ideas – Glitter

Cup some pink or blue glitter in the palms of your hands. Blow the glitter at the camera to reveal the gender of your baby — blue if your baby’s a boy and pink if it’s a girl.

Glitter gender reveal idea. Photo courtesy of All Things Katie Marie blog.
Glitter gender reveal idea. Photo courtesy of All Things Katie Marie blog.

You can do the same thing with blue and pink confetti too.

Add your fun photo to a custom faux glitter baby announcement card from to further embellish your special news.

Gender Announcement Ideas – Mustaches & Bows

Snap a photo of your belly with a large mustache painted across it to reveal that you’ll be having a boy. Attach a large pink bow to your belly if it’s a girl.

Gender Announcement Ideas
Adorable 8-paged baby boy announcement by

You can do the same thing with your ultrasound photo. Add a tiny mustache near your baby boy’s neck or add a tiny tiara or bow near the top of your baby girl’s head.

Gender Announcement Ideas – Shoes & Props

Place a small pair of pink or blue sneakers on your belly to reveal your baby’s gender. Or, you can use other props — crowns and tiaras would be especially cute.

Other props you can use include footballs inscribed with “it’s a boy,” pink or blue umbrellas inscribed with your baby’s gender, and even a tub filled with pink or blue ice cream can be used to showcase your special news.

Get creative! The possibilities are endless. Just make sure to choose a prop that makes sense — you don’t want to confuse anyone.

Gender Announcement Ideas – Signs & Banners

There’s no better way to clearly announce your baby’s gender than with a simple DIY sign or banner. You can inscribe the sign with a simple message, like “It’s a boy!”

Gender Announcement Ideas
Cute baby announcement sign and baby gender reveal idea.

Or you can go even further and share your baby’s name and how many weeks pregnant you are in addition to your baby’s gender.

You can make your DIY sign out of anything. Chalkboards are an easy option that you can do a lot with. Simple paper signs, wooden baby blocks, or even hand signs also will work.

Gender Announcement Ideas – Body Paint

Showcase your baby’s gender with body paint. You can paint hand prints or footprints in pink or blue directly on your belly. Or you can have your husband or child do the honors with their hands.

Gender Announcement Ideas
Cute pink footprints painted on a pregnant woman’s belly.

In addition to hand prints and footprints, you can also paint a message on your belly that reveals your baby’s gender or you can paint a tiny crown or tiara, pink or blue hearts, or even the feminine or masculine symbol.

If you’d rather not apply the paint directly on your skin, wear a white tank top and paint on that instead.

Gender Announcement Ideas – Holiday Photos

If you’ll be announcing your baby’s gender around a holiday, try including the occasion into your gender reveal photos.

If it’s near Christmas, wrap a tree in in pink or blue Christmas lights. Snap a photo next to it and add your photo to a festive holiday gender announcement card from

If it’s near Easter, you can surround yourself with lots of pink or blue peeps. Snap a photo and add it to a custom gender announcement card. Include wording that says “We took a ‘peep’ and it’s a boy/girl!”

If it’s near Halloween, carve a pumpkin with a message that reveals your baby’s gender and snap a photo next to it.

Including a photo of either pink or blue fireworks in your gender reveal announcement is a cute way to embellish your special news if it’s near the 4th of July.

Hopefully these gender announcement ideas have left you feeling inspired! Do you have any cute gender announcement ideas that you would like to share with us? Please do via the comment selection below. Good luck announcing your baby’s gender!

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