Holiday Birth Announcements – Extra Cheer

Having a baby is always a special, exciting experience. But if your baby is born around a holiday, you’ll have a great opportunity to announce their arrival in style. Holiday baby announcements are a lot of fun and your loved ones will enjoy having such a special keepsake. The following tips and ideas will help you create the perfect holiday birth announcements for your baby.

Christmas and Hanukkah Birth Announcements

If your baby was born close to Christmas or Hanukkah  your custom birth announcements can double as holiday cards. Here are some adorable examples of Christmas birth announcements and Hanukkah birth announcements:

Joyful Christmas photo birth announcement by PurpleTrail.
Blue Snowflakes Trifold Hanukkah photo card by PurpleTrail.

You can also send out your announcements around New Year’s Day, letting your loved ones know you’ll be ringing in every year differently from now on.

Once you’ve decided on a style and photo, you’ll want to select the perfect wording for your holiday birth announcements. Here are some examples for inspiration. Check out this Holiday Birth Announcement Wording post for more ideas.

Our Christmas gift arrived early this year!

This holiday season, we welcome with love…

There will be plenty of extra joy in our world this Christmas.

Merry Christmas from our newest family member!

Happy Hanukkah from our newest family member!

We’re trading eight crazy nights for many sleepless nights this season.

Ringing in the new year like never before…


Valentine’s Day Birth Announcements

Valentine’s Day is all about love, so it’s a perfect time to announce the arrival of your newest love! Instead of valentines, you can send birth announcements to your family and friends. Here are some samples:


Valentine's Day birth announcements
photo courtesty of
Holiday birth announcements
photo courtesy of


Here are some Valentine’s Day birth announcement wording ideas:

Roses are red, violets are blue
our life is sweeter because of you.

Cupid has a helper this year!
The stork delivered this bundle of cheer.

Meet our funny valentine.

Happy Valentine’s Day from our little angel.

This year we celebrate the season of love
with our precious new gift from above.

We welcome with love
our forever valentine.

Saint Patrick’s Day Birth Announcements

Having a beautiful, healthy baby is certainly a lucky experience. Give your holiday birth announcements a Saint Patrick’s Day theme is a great way to let everyone know the luck of the Irish was with you this year. Here are a few ideas for your birth announcements:


Holiday birth announcements
photo courtesy of


Holiday birth announcements
photo courtesy of

Feel free to get clever with your Saint Patrick’s Day birth announcement wording. Here are some examples:

Our little lucky charm has arrived!

On St. Patrick’s day
a little clover appeared,
Two bright blue eyes,
a nose and two ears.
Our lives have changed,
it’s been lots of fun…
we’d like you to meet our little one.

We’re happy to announce the arrival
of our little leprechaun. 

One little treasure
more precious than gold
has captured our hearts
forever to hold.

Sometimes the end of the rainbow
has treasures more precious than gold.
We’re thrilled to introduce ours.

Easter Birth Announcements

Easter falls around the beginning of spring, when everything is fresh and new. This is also a wonderful time to announce your little something fresh and new. Easter-themed birth announcements are adorable and fun. Here’s a little Easter inspiration:


Holiday birth announcements
photo courtesy of


Easter Holiday birth announcements
photo courtesy of
DIY Easter birth announcements
photo courtesy of

Once you’ve selected your style of Easter birth announcements, decide on the wording that’s right for you:

Take a “peep”
at our new little chick!

We’re proud to present our little Easter bunny.

Sumbunny new has just arrived
to add love to our hearts 
and joy to our lives!
We’re proud to announce the birth of our son.

Someone new has hopped into our lives!

 Fourth of July Birth Announcements

If you have a late spring or early summer baby, Fourth of July themed birth announcements may be right for you.


July 4th Holiday birth announcements
photo courtesy of


July 4th Holiday birth announcements
photo courtesy of

The Fourth of July is a lighthearted holiday, so have some fun with the wording on your holiday birth announcements:

Bang! Pop! Boom! Our little one can light up any room.

We proudly introduce our daughter,
who was born on July 4 with a bang.

Introducing our little firecracker.

A life of stars and stripes and fun
our star spangled baby’s days have just begun!

We’re proud to present our little sparkler.

Halloween Birth Announcements

Having a baby in the fall is truly a treat as it allows you to create some fun Halloween birth announcements.

Little Pumpkin Halloween baby announcements by PurpleTrail.

Here are some ideas for Halloween birth announcement wording:

There will be another pumpkin at our patch this year
as our sweet little baby is finally here!

This Halloween I became a Mummy!

Our little pumpkin is the pick of the patch.

It’s no trick, we have a treat,
there’s someone new for you to meet!

We’ve been bewitched by our little Halloween baby.

She’s tiny and sweet and arrived on the scene
just in time for Halloween.

Thanksgiving Birth Announcements

This Thanksgiving, show everyone you know what you’re most thankful for with Thanksgiving birth announcements.

Holiday birth announcements
photo courtesy of


Holiday birth announcements
photo courtesy of

Here are some ideas for wording for your Thanksgiving birth announcements:

We’ve got so much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.
Meet our little angel. 

It is with deep thankfulness
that we introduce our little Thanksgiving blessing. 

We skipped the turkey and the dressing
to meet our new Thanksgiving blessing.

After nine months of baking,
our little Thanksgiving turkey has arrived at last.

Sending out holiday birth announcements is a fun way to announce your baby’s arrival. Make sure you select a quality website with a good reputation that will ensure prompt delivery of your perfect baby announcements. Have fun and get creative!



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