Sibling Announcement Wording – And Then There Were Two

After all the anticipation, the newest member of your family is here at last. While adjusting to a new baby brother or sister can be challenging for an older sibling, announcing the new arrival will be exciting and fun. Allowing a proud brother or sister to announce the birth of the new baby is a great way to make them feel included in the process. To inspire you to find the right words for the big announcement, browse our collection of sibling announcement wording ideas and select the one that best suits your style.

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Simple Sibling Announcements

Pink Photo Collage Sibling Baby Announcement by
Pink Photo Collage Sibling Baby Announcement by

When it comes to birth announcements, sometimes simple is best. You may want to keep the announcements brief, especially if you plan to use multiple images. Photo birth announcements also become great keepsakes for family and friends. The following phrases are short and sweet:

Meet my new sister!

Laura would like to announce the arrival of her new playmate.

Jordan is please to announce the newest member of our family!

Steven would like to introduce his new best friend.

There’s a new sheriff in town! Holden has a little sister!

Cameron has a new hand to hold!

Russell is pleased to announce that he is officially a big brother.

Big sister April is proud to present the newest member of our family.

Cody and Hayden have a new brother!

Formal Sibling Announcements

Gray Green Dandelion Pattern Sibling Birth Announcement by
Gray Green Dandelion Pattern Sibling Birth Announcement by


If you would prefer a more formal announcement, here are some sibling announcement wording ideas to inspire you:

Katie is pleased to announce that our family has grown.

Proud big brothers Tom and Tim are pleased to presenttheir new baby sister.

Erica is thrilled to announce the birth of her new baby sister.

Sarah is proud to announce the newest branch on our family tree. 

Big brother Bobby would like to present our newest family member.

Jennifer is happy to announce the arrival of her little brother.

With great Joy, Liam would like to present his new sister Lisa.

Casual Sibling Announcements

perhaps a cute, catchy expression would best suit your family’s style. If you’d like a more casual announcement, have a little fun with one of these sweet phrases:

ABC and 123 someone new to play with me! I have a new little brother he’s as sweet as can be

I’ll be the best big sister Just you wait and see!

It’s official, Timmy’s little brother is here!

Brennan is pleased to announce he finally got the little brother he’s been dreaming of.

Big brother Derek is thrilled to announce the newest addition to our line-up.

One son was so much fun Bryan thought we should have another one.

Big sister Sarah has a new hand to hold Mommy and Daddy have a new life to mold.

Emery is tickled pink she has a new baby sister to love. 

Ten tiny toes and a smile that’s sweet big brother Timmy says our family is now complete.

Lindsey has a new sister she’d like you to meet!

Tara doesn’t mind that she’ll have to share the throne… she’s very excited to have a sister of her own!

Introducing our new little princess… With patience and love, Billy waited for our baby girl. With excitement and joy, he announces her to the world.

Religious Sibling Announcements

A new baby is a blessed event. If your faith is an important part of your family, you can create religious sibling announcements. Here are some wording samples:

Elizabeth prayed for a little sister and her prayers have been answered.

We are graced with blessings from above. Jessica has a new little sister to love. 

He’s tiny and sweet and wrapped in blue, David’s prayers for a brother came true.

Sent down from heaven straight into our arms, Dana’s little brother has all of her charm.

Love keeps growing… …God has blessed us a second time. Meet Tiffany’s little sister.

New big sister Elizabeth is proud to announce Baby Rebecca came down from heaven to join our family.

Funny Sibling Announcements

Pale Blue Monster Sibling Birth Announcement by
Pale Blue Monster Sibling Birth Announcement by


Everyone loves to laugh, and there’s nothing wrong with including a little humor in your sibling announcements. In an effort capture some of their adorable humor and sentiment, here are some silly wording samples:

Ben is pleased to announce the beginning of his eternal sibling rivalry.  

Baby Drake can’t wait to share the joys, Brother Blake can’t wait to share the toys! 

Proud big sister Amy would like to introduce her new partner in crime that will forever share the blame.

Bryce wanted a puppy……but we made him a baby.

Jason is excited about the arrival of his new baby brother (he doesn’t realize we can’t take him back after he gets bored). 

Big brothers Billy and Bobby would like you to meetlittle Larissa, who will never date.

Ciara would like to introduce the end of her status as an only child.

No matter which phrase you select, you’ll want to find the perfect way to welcome your new addition into the world. Just like your children, your announcements are an extension of your unique personality, so enjoy creating something original. Choose a quality website that lets you custom design your announcements and has a good reputation. Most importantly, have fun! Don’t forget that you can always create more than one style of sibling announcements. So if you can’t decide on one style, make a few versions!

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