5 Newborn Photo Ideas for Your Birth Announcements

newborn photo ideas for birth announcements

Your baby’s birth is big news you’ll want to share with friends and family right away. If you’re planning on doing so with custom birth announcements, make your birth announcements more meaningful by adding a personal photo of your baby to them. Use these 5 creative and fun newborn photo ideas to capture the perfect photo for your birth announcements.

Finding Perfect Photo Birth Announcements

Before diving into our 5 fun, creative, and unique newborn photo ideas, let’s talk about finding birth announcements to add your personal newborn photos to. PurpleTrail.com offers a great selection of customizable photo birth announcements that you can add personal photos and custom wording to, along with your choice of fonts, backgrounds and colors.

newborn photo ideas for birth announcements
Whimsical Frame Baby Announcement by PurpleTrail.com.

In addition to amazing customization options and a collection of beautiful templates, they also offer a variety of unique card cuts, custom envelopes, ornate envelope liners, and much, much more.

Best of all, on PurpleTrail.com you can add unlimited photos to your birth announcements, so you don’t have to struggle to pick out your favorite one. You can pick out several and add them to one of their multi-photo cards or you can add a dozen to one of their spacious and stylish 8-paged booklet photo birth announcement cards.

1) Newborn Photo Ideas: Mom & Dad

Capturing special moments shared between you, your spouse and your baby can make for amazing and moving newborn baby photos. The three of you together will look great upon your baby’s birth announcement. The newborn photo will give family and friends a chance to see how happy you are about the arrival of your baby and how sweet the three of you look together.

Newborn Photo Ideas for Your Birth Announcements
Baby photo with parents.

2) Newborn Photo Ideas: Outdoors

Taking your newborn photos outdoors offers many advantages. You can capture the beauty of the season and, if taken at the right time of day, you will be blessed with great lighting. Choose a place that will make your newborn photos standout. A beautiful forest, at the beach, or in a pretty park are all great places for outdoor newborn photos.

Newborn Photo Ideas for Your Birth Announcements
Newborn baby in a basket outdoors.

3) Newborn Photo Ideas: The Holidays

Whether your baby’s born around Easter, Christmas, or Halloween, there are plenty of ways to add holiday cheer to your newborn photos. For holiday or Christmas newborn photos, try tucking your baby inside of a bright red stocking. You can also snap a photo of your baby below the Christmas tree or wearing a Santa hat. Add the photo to a holiday birth announcement complete with “our little gift has arrived!” wording.

Newborn Photo Ideas for Your Birth Announcements
Newborn baby wearing white bunny ears. Adorable baby photo idea for Easter.

For a Halloween newborn photo, try dressing your baby up in a cute Halloween costume or set them up next to a pumpkin. For an Easter newborn photo, put a pair of white bunny ears on your baby or surround your baby with colorful Easter eggs. Being a little bit creative and incorporating colorful backgrounds, interesting props, and fun wording into your photo baby announcements will really make them standout.

4) Newborn Photo Ideas: Props

Colorful balloons, bubbles, hats, stuffed animals, and even baby-sized angel wings can be used to make your newborn photos unique. A variety of places online make baby-safe props. Do a Google search to find what you’re looking for. For a collection of cute newborn hats, check out Melondipity.com.

Newborn Photo Ideas for Your Birth Announcements
A baby wearing tiny white angel wings.

5) Newborn Photo Ideas: Doodles

After you have a few photos of your newborn, try experimenting with photo editing tools to outfit your mini misses with a tiara or your little mister with a mustache like Ambra Wheeler did to her baby boy  in the photos below.

Newborn Photo Ideas for Your Birth Announcements
Cute newborn baby photos with post-production doodles by Ambra Wheeler.

Birth Announcement Etiquette Tips

When should birth announcements be sent?

Your birth announcements should be sent out no later than 6 months after your baby’s birth. That means you’ll have to make an appointment with a photographer who specializes in newborn photography many months in advance.

If you’re worried about running out of time, try prepping your envelopes with your friends and family’s names and addresses ahead of time (a few months before your baby’s born). This will save you quite a bit of time later on.

If you order your photo birth announcements on PurpleTrail.com, you can opt for their Mailing Service feature, where they will send your photo birth announcements directly to friends and family for you. Learn more about this time and hassle saving feature on PurpleTrail.com.

What information should I include in my baby’s birth announcements?

You can include whatever you like in your baby’s birth announcement. Many parents include their baby’s birth date and time, weight, length, and name. While including a photo isn’t necessary, we think it’s great way to turn your birth announcement into a meaningful keepsake.

Green Circle Modern Photo Birth Announcement by PurpleTrail.com
Green Circle Modern Photo Birth Announcement by PurpleTrail.com



Newborn Photography Tips

Since it’s recommenced to send out your baby’s birth announcements no longer than 6 months after his or her birth, you’ll only have a short period of time to take your newborn photos. That’s why it’s crucial to make an appointment with a photographer who specializes in newborn photography well in advance.

After you find a photographer, meet with them before your shoot. They can fill you in on what to expect and bring.

On the day of your baby’s newborn photo shoot, there are a few things you can do to help the procedure  go well. Newborn photo shoots can take up to 4 hours, so ensure your baby is well fed before the shoot starts. You will also want to make sure your baby is kept warm throughout the entire photo shoot. Finally, make sure your baby’s safety is put before anything else. Learn more about newborn photography on Clickinmoms.net.

Hopefully you found these newborn photo ideas and tips helpful! Have fun capturing great photos of your baby!

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