Top 10 Personalized Baby Gifts New Parents Will Love

Looking for a special baby gift? You can do better than mass produced gifts from big box baby stores! While typical registry items are important, sometimes it’s fun to think outside the registry for baby gifts from the heart that are both unique and useful. That’s why we put together this helpful list of personalized baby gifts. Let’s take a look:

1.) Custom Onesie

Newborns go through tons of onesies. No sooner will parents slip a new onesie over their baby’s head then the little one will suddenly spit up or overflow their diaper. Custom onesies are not only adorable, but also give new parents another option to turn to when their baby needs yet another change of clothing.

personalized baby gifts
Custom onesies from PurpleTrail

Custom gift stores like PurpleTrail let you design your own custom onesie complete with your choice of graphics and text in the font and colors of your choice. You can even have a photo printed on a onesie if you’d like! Since babies grow out of clothing so quickly, we recommend purchasing custom onesies in at least two sizes to fit them as they grow.

2.) Personalized Stuffed Animal

Babies have a tendency to latch on to a security object, whether it’s a pacifier, a blanket, or special stuffed animal. A personalized stuffed animal is not only cute, but it’s just the fuzzy buddy the baby needs to rest easy at night. We love this handmade, personalized plush puppy we spotted over on the Andrea Vida shop on Etsy.

personalized baby gifts
Personalized Dachshund Puppy from the Andrea Vida shop on Etsy

The stuffed puppy can be personalized with up to 12 letters to feature the baby’s name or simply a sweet “I love you” message. You can also choose from five different colors for the puppy’s head and bottom. It’s doggone adorable!

3.) Custom Baby Journal

A baby’s first year is a whirlwind of all-new experiences for the baby and his or her parents. A custom baby journal is the perfect gift to help parents record all those special “firsts.” PurpleTrail lets you customize a journal with your choice of text, photos, and graphics. The Modern Chic Pink Baby Journal shown below is a great example of how beautiful these journals can be.

personalized baby gifts
Modern Chic Pink Baby Journal from PurpleTrail

You can choose from one of two journal sizes, select a spiral bound or perfect binding, or select blank or lined paper. Then finish the look of a custom journal with fun sticker packs and nifty pocket folders.

4.) Engraved Wooden Teether

When babies start cutting teeth, they start chewing on everything to relieve the pressure and discomfort. A good wooden teether is long-lasting and less of an eyesore than many of the multi-colored plastic versions you see in big box baby stores. Not to mention, wood is a natural and nontoxic material.

personalized baby gifts
Guitar Wood Teether from Smiling Tree Toys

The wooden guitar teether above, from Smiling Tree Toys, can be engraved with the baby’s name. At $12, this nifty wood teether is budget-friendly, and since the company makes a donation to Peace Corps youth development programs for every purchase, you can feel extra good about choosing these as personalized baby gifts.

5.) Custom Canvas Photo Print

When a baby is born, a flurry of photography ensues. The best of those photos go up on the wall in the parents’ home. What better way to make this happen than with a high-quality, custom canvas print?  PurpleTrail lets you upload a sweet baby photo and add all the baby’s unique birth details (like weight, length, and time of birth) for a one-of-a-kind finished product, such as the Keepsake Baby Birth Info Canvas Print below.

personalized baby gifts
Keepsake Baby Birth Info Canvas Print from PurpleTrail

Since every canvas print from PurpleTrail is completely custom, you can choose the color, size, font, and placement of the text on the canvas. It’s easy to add a special baby quote or even add a sweet graphic, like a flower, butterfly, or teddy bear. You can come up with your own design or use PurpleTrail’s custom design service to achieve the look you want.

6.) Customized Music Box

Music boxes have delighted babies for years, and these days, they add vintage charm to modern baby rooms. The circus music boxes below from Makaboo can be personalized with the baby’s name (up to 10 characters) and are designed to delight little ones with a pleasing melody.

personalized baby gifts
Customized Music Box from Makaboo

The music boxes come in blue, pink, or a gender-neutral cream tone and make the perfect addition to a baby’s nightstand or bookshelf. These music boxes are as engaging as a crib mobile, but a lot more portable!

7.) Personalized Baby Blocks

Blocks are one of the oldest and most beloved baby toys available. Babies put them to use immediately, gripping them as newborns, mouthing them when teething, and stacking them as toddlers. Personalized baby blocks take these classic toys and turn them into keepsakes. We love the custom wooden name blocks below from the Squishy Tots AU shop on Etsy.

personalized baby gifts
Custom Wooden Name Blocks from Squishy Tots AU on Etsy

You can select between 6 and 10 blocks to personalize with the child’s name or a charming graphic, such as lightning bolts or bears. You also have your choice of the pastel colors shown above, a monochromatic look, or your own custom color scheme to match the baby’s nursery.

8.) Custom Height Chart

If there’s one thing that’s true of babies, it’s that they grow like weeds. A custom height chart is the perfect way for parents to track the growth of their little rugrats without having to mark up the wall with pencil. With PurpleTrail, you can order a custom height chart personalized with the child’s name and cute graphics, like airplanes, monkeys, foxes, or owls.

personalized baby gifts
Custom Height Charts from PurpleTrail

Have a specific idea in mind for a personalized height chart? Take advantage of PurpleTrail’s custom design service to make the final product look exactly how you envisioned.

9.) Personalized Puzzle Stool

Little ones aren’t tall enough to reach much. That’s why a personalized stool makes such a great baby gift. Once babies begin standing and walking, the stool helps them reach sinks to wash their hands before meals or reach a high shelf for their favorite toy.

personalized baby gifts
Custom Puzzle Stool from Craft Carve on Etsy

We love the personalized puzzle stool above from the Craft Carve shop on Etsy because of its sturdy construction. The rich wood color contrasts beautifully with the brightly colored puzzle pieces carved into letters that make up the baby’s name. This is one of those great two-in-one gifts that can be used both for playing and for practical purposes when the little one needs a slight boost.

10.) Custom Mug with Baby Photo

A custom coffee mug is a thoughtful and affordable way to personalize a gift for new parents. Custom mugs from PurpleTrail, like the Blue Stripes and Dots Mug below, can be outfitted with your choice of colors, text, and photos.

personalized baby gifts
Blue Stripes And Dots Mug from PurpleTrail

This is a particularly good gift for new parents who will be returning to work shortly after baby is born. With every sip of coffee at the office, mom or dad can smile at the photo of their little one looking back at them from their personalized mug and look forward to holding them when they get home.

We hope this list of personalized baby gifts inspires you to find the perfect gift for the little one in your life!

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