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You’ve been waiting nine long months to present your beautiful baby to the world. Using photo birth announcements will be a perfect way to show off your new arrival. Since you likely won’t have the energy to do your research after the baby is born, you can plan your custom birth announcements beforehand so that when the time comes, all you’ll need is an infant and a place to order them to make them complete. These tips and ideas will help you create your perfect photo birth announcements.

Learn How to Photograph a Baby

Unless you plan to have professional photographs of your newborn taken, taking your baby’s announcement photo yourself is a great option. It will save time and money as well as allow you to capture the image you desire. But taking photos of babies can be a challenge, especially if you’re not an experienced photographer. The following tips will help you take the perfect birth announcement photo of your new baby:

1. Find the right angle

Newborns sleep most of the time, limiting your exposure to their little heads and sleeping faces. And with the bumps, marks and scratches that tend to follow a birth, taking a complimentary photo can be difficult. The trick is to find the most flattering angle. Get down low next to your baby and get close. Swaddle his body to cover any birth marks, and take a close up of his face while he’s sleeping. This will result in a beautiful, peaceful photo of your baby you’ll be excited to share.

2. Lenses and lighting

Professional photographers recommend leaving the flash off your camera. Find a spot in your home that has soft, natural light. If your camera has a macro lens, use it for close-ups to avoid taking blurry photos.

Editing your photos to black and white makes them look sophisticated, attractive and hides any discoloration that may still be present from the birth.

3. Background

Unless you want to do a themed shoot for unique announcements, keep the background simple. You don’t want a printed background that will compete with your baby or make the photo less easy on the eyes. A blanket or white sheet will make a perfect background. Make sure there’s no overlap, and make sure nothing else is in the photo (if you use the changing table, remove the diapers and wipes). You want the focus to be solely on your little one!

Select a Style

Pink Hello World photo baby girl announcement by PurpleTrail.

Traditional? Modern? Funny? Your photo birth announcements are an extension of your unique personality, so design something that will suit your style. Once you’ve grown comfortable photographing your baby, you may decide to do a themed shoot or use some props. This blog post provides plenty of tips and tricks to help you create a customized photo birth announcement your family and friends will love. Start envisioning the kind of announcements you’d like before the baby is born so you’ll have the time and energy to gather any necessary props. Here are a few sweet pictures to inspire you:

Photo birth announcements
photo courtesy of


Photo birth announcements
Photo courtesy of


Photo birth announcements
photo courtesy of

When using props and themes, remember to keep it simple. Professional photographers have years of training when it comes to handling and shooting infants. Your goal is to capture the best image you can with the time and resources you have, not to create a perfect masterpiece.

Select the Wording

The next step is to decide on the birth announcement wording. Traditionally, baby birth announcements include the baby’s name, birth date, birth weight and parents’ names. Modern photo birth announcements may include anything from a simple name and photo to a catchy poem. Since your baby’s photo will be the main feature of your birth announcement, it’s best to keep the wording simple. Here are some examples:

We’re happy to introduce our new addition.

Dreams do come true! Announcing our new arrival.

We proudly announce the arrival of our daughter.

We’re jumping with joy over our new baby boy!

We’re pleased to introduce our precious baby girl.

All of God’s grace in one little face…

Create and Send Photo Birth Announcements

Once you’ve captured the perfect photo and chosen your wording, it’s time to turn them into photo birth announcements. While you can create them yourself, relying on a reputable birth announcement website will save you time and energy as well as allow a professional to double check everything for you. Take your time with the design and edit the wording until you’re satisfied with the results.

So, how many do you order? You may be wondering who will be expecting a photo birth announcement. Typically extended family, friends and out of town relatives who may not get to see your baby very often will need an announcement. Immediate family and neighbors will want to receive an announcement as well. Creating a mailing list before your baby is born will save time and energy so you’ll have less work to do when you’re tired and busy. Ideally you’ll want to send the birth announcements within three months so that your loved ones can see the baby’s photo while he’s still a newborn.

While sending out birth announcements is not a request for gifts, some people will likely send congratulatory cards and gifts for the baby. Ordering thank you notes with your photo birth announcements is a good way to be prepared to properly thank them.

Announcing your baby is a very special occasion. You will always remember this special time in your life, and the right photo birth announcements will make a perfect keepsake for your family and friends.



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