Sibling Birth Announcements – More Family Fun

Your family is growing! Just like you’re excited to announce the birth of its newest member, your child is surely thrilled about becoming a big brother or sister. Including older children in sibling birth announcements is a wonderful way to make them feel included in the process and will help curb any jealousy or feelings of competition that may arise. These tips and ideas will help inspire you to create the perfect custom sibling birth announcements for your family. Though you’ll want to wait until after your baby is born to announce your new arrival, you can get started on planning for the announcements beforehand to be as prepared as possible.

Step One: Find your style

From the way your home is decorated to the kind of clothing you wear, your family has its own signature style. Your sibling birth announcements should reflect that style. Decide if you’d like to send traditional, modern, funny or unique announcements to your family and friends. If your children are old enough, they can help you decide.

Traditional sibling announcements

If your family is traditional, classic birth announcements might be right for you. Traditionally these announcements state the baby’s name introduced by the sibling, the parents’ names, the date of birth and the birth weight. Here are a few samples of traditional sibling birth announcements:

Gray and Green Dandelion sibling birth announcement by PurpleTrail.
Blue Traditional sibling birth announcement
Blue Stripes and Dots Sibling birth announcement by PurpleTrail.

Including a photo of the older sibling with the new baby is a great way to make the older sibling feel important.

Modern Sibling Announcements

Modern sibling birth announcements might incorporate a theme into the design or get creative with the wording. This announcement features traditional wording with a modern design.


Purple and Green Sibling birth announcement
Baby Blocks birth announcement by PurpleTrail.

Samples of creative wording for modern sibling birth announcements include:

I have a new little brother
he’s as sweet as can be
I’ll be the best big sister
Just you wait and see!

Big brother Tommy is thrilled to announce
the newest addition to our line-up.

Tara doesn’t mind that she’ll have to share the throne…
she’s very excited to have a sister of her own!
Introducing our new little princess…

Unique sibling announcements

Perhaps you’d like to think outside the box when it comes to your sibling birth announcements. Your older child will enjoy having a little fun with them.

This adorable nautical-themed announcement announces the new baby as his brother’s “first mate.”

First mate birth announcement
First Mate Sibling Baby Announcement by PurpleTrail.

Step Two: Select the wording

Once you’ve determined which sibling announcement style is right for you, it’s time to select the wording. If you’re sending a one-sided announcement featuring a large photo, you’ll want to keep your wording simple. If you’re using a card-style announcement or a small photo, you’ll have a little more room for a longer phrase.

Browse websites and articles for tips until you find the wording you like. Make sure it will fit well on the design you’ve selected.

Step Three: Complete the order

Once you’ve decided on your perfect design and the wording that will work best, it’s time to order your sibling birth announcements. Select a birth announcement website with a good reputation that will allow you to custom design your announcements. Take your time designing your birth announcements and don’t be afraid to keep editing them until they are just what you envisioned. Having your older children help you with this process will make them feel included and happy with the results.

So, how many should you order? You may be wondering who will be expecting a birth announcement. Typically extended family, friends and out of town relatives who may not get to see your family very often will need an announcement. Close family members, neighbors and colleagues will want them as well so they can keep the photo. Creating a mailing list before the baby is born will save time and energy. Ideally you’ll want to send your sibling birth announcements in the mail within three months of the baby’s birth, but people will understand that you’re extremely busy and tired, so send them when you can.

While sending out birth announcements is not a request for gifts, some people will likely send congratulatory cards and gifts for the baby. Ordering thank you notes with your announcements is a good way to be prepared to properly thank them.

Other Ways to Include Siblings

Having older siblings be a part of the birth announcements is a wonderful way to ensure they feel included. Here are some other suggestions for including them in welcoming the new baby:

1. Let them help you name the baby, or at least let them think they are helping.

2. Have them come shopping with you and pick out clothes, nursery items and other necessities. They will love helping you decorate!

3. If they are old enough, allow them to make the phone calls to some family members. They will feel important and the family will love it.

4. When the baby is almost due, take the soon-to-be sibling shopping for a special gift for the baby.

5. Make sure to tell them how much you love them and how important their title of older sibling will be.

Announcing your new arrival will be a special occasion. Your family will love picking out sibling birth announcements that will become cherished keepsakes for years.

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