Twin Birth Announcements and Pregnancy Announcements

Funny Twin Pregnancy Announcements

It’s double the fun with the arrival of twins. If you are expecting twins or triplets you’ll want to send adorable pregnancy and twin birth announcements to loved ones. There are lots of options to choose from. You can make your own or order printed announcements or even send them online. Here are some ideas for twin birth announcements and pregnancy announcements to inspire you.

Twin Pregnancy Announcements

Photo pregnancy announcements are a wonderful way to share your exciting news. Here are some cute examples of photo pregnancy announcements.  It’s great to incorporate photos because it makes the pregnancy announcement so much more personalized. A photo of a beautiful baby bump or siblings holding signs expressing the news will certainly bring a smile to any recipient’s face.  Here are cute ideas.

This simple twins pregnancy announcement is a lovely way to spread the word that you expecting two bundles of joy. Using PurpleTrail’s design center you can easily create custom pregnancy announcements. Add unlimited photos, change text/fonts and colors as you choose.

This adorable twins pregnancy announcement will keep your friends and family laughing. Though you planned for one more baby you got two! It’s always fun to feature siblings in the photo too.

Funny Twin Pregnancy Announcements
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Another fun example of twin pregnancy announcement is this little play on morning sickness. Poor dad is in shock!

Humorous Twin Pregnancy Announcement

Here is another cute idea that showcases the family feet and the four feet that are yet to come.

Feet Twin Pregnancy Announcement

Other cute ideas are to include the family pet or use a sports theme. It’s fun to choose a theme that your represents the personality of your family. If you need tips on how to create your own photo announcements, check out this article.

Twin Pregnancy Announcement Wording Ideas

We’re expecting the perfect pair!

Double Trouble! We’re expecting twins!

Mommy + Daddy + baby + baby = We’re having twins!

Oh boy {and girl} It’s twins!

We’re going to have double the blessings.  McMinnis twins due August 2020.

Our family tree is sprouting two new branches!

Growing by 2 feet!

Twin Birth Announcements

After your two little bundles make their debut, it will be time to send out  beautiful birth announcements to showcase them and let loved ones know all the stats. Everyone loves to see photos but you don’t have create photo birth announcements if that isn’t what you want. There are many options available for you to create sensational twin birth announcements to send out. Here are some great ideas.

This booklet card is such a cute way to showcase your “perfect pair” of babies. The green and chalkboard backgrounds are very gender neutral so it’s great for a mixed gender set of twins. You can customize eight pages with photos and all your babies’ birth stats.

A Perfect Pair Twin Birth Announcement Booklet Card by
A Perfect Pair Twin Birth Announcement Booklet Card by


These cute peas in a pod twin birth announcements from are a wonderful way to announce the birth of your little peas. The dye cute heart shape adds a little originality to the design as well. You can add a photo of your sweet peas on the back of the card.


Peas in Pod Twins Birth Announcement by
Peas in Pod Twins Birth Announcement by


Twin Birth Announcement Wording Ideas

We are all “two” happy to announce the arrival of our twins!

We’ve been blessed two times over!

Double the diapers, double the snuggles!

Double giggles and double smiles

Proudly announcing the perfect pair

Two beautiful bundles of baby

Meet the two new branches on our family tree

Congratulations to you are your family on your exciting baby adventure!

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