Twins Birth Announcement Wording – Double Trouble

Having twins means shopping for matching outfits, adjusting to two different sleep and feeding schedules and enduring a double dose of the terrible twos. But having two babies at once can be a lot of fun, particularly when it comes to their customizable birth announcements. Announcing the arrival of your bundles of joy is an exciting and special time, so make sure you find the right words to mark the occasion. Here are some twins birth announcement wording ideas:

Simple Twin Birth Announcements

Since you’ll have double the cuteness to show in photos, a simple expression might be best for your custom twins birth announcement wording. Try using one of these short phrases:

Twin Love Leaf Twin Boys Birth Announcement by
Twin Love Leaf Twin Boys Birth Announcement by


Two little darlings have been delivered.

We’ve been doubly blessed!

Thankful for one, but got double the fun.

We’ve been flooded with joy!

Twins are twice as nice.

We welcome with love our gifts from above.

We are “two” happy to announce the birth of our twins!

Our two tiny bundles of joy have arrived, and we couldn’t be happier.

Double the diapers, double the snuggles!

We liked having one baby so much we thought we’d have them two at a time!

Twice the love, twice as much missed sleep!

Formal Birth Announcements

Sometimes nothing but the best will do. If your family is more traditional, sophisticated birth announcements might be right for you. If you’d like your announcements to have more of a formal tone, here are some examples of potential wording:

We proudly announce the birth of our twins.

With great joy, we’d like to announce the arrival of our twins.

We are delighted to present our precious twins.

We welcome to the world
our greatest joy, our twins.

We welcome our twins to the family with love.

We are pleased to present to you
our two tiniest treasures.

Please welcome to our family
our beautiful twins.

Our family tree just grew two new branches

Casual Birth Announcements

Peas in a Pod Photo Twin Birth Announcement by
Peas in a Pod Photo Twin Birth Announcement by



Announcing the arrival of twins is a real opportunity to have some fun with the wording. Here are some samples of some casual, catchy announcement phrases:

Double the diapers, double the pins…
we’re proud to announce the birth of our twins.

Two sets of hands, two sets of eyes. Twins are such a nice surprise!

We are blessed today 
with two little darlings
that took our breath away…

Double the trouble, double the fun,
our life with twins has just begun!

Two miracles instead of one,
two little lives have just begun.

The stork cried, “Special Delivery!” and away he flew…

…for suddenly into our lives had come
not one little bundle, but two!

Double the pleasure, double the fun,
our little ones’ lives have just begun!

These precious souls, so sweet, so new,
these little lives a dream come true.

Twenty fingers, twenty toes, plenty of work heaven knows.
Four little arms to hold tight, four little cheeks to kiss goodnight.

We are proud to announce our two bundles of joy,
one little girl and one little boy!

Four little hands, for little feet,
two little people we’d love you to meet!

Announcing two twin members
of the Bib and Bottle Club.

Our hearts are exploding with love and joy for our two newest family members

We never knew how lucky were were until these two babies blessed our life. 

Religious Birth Announcements

If your family is religious, you may want to incorporate your faith into your birth announcements. Here are some quotes and Bible verses to use on your twins birth announcements:

Two babies sent from Heaven above, from God to us as gifts of love. 

 From angels’ whispers we’ve been told, they are the treasures in life to behold.

We welcome with joy and love

our two little angels sent from above.

From God’s loving arms to ours…

From the heavens above, God has sent us two little angels to love.

“Behold, children are a gift of the Lord…” Psalm 127:3

God has blessed us two times over

Behold the blessings bestowed on our family!

Funny Birth Announcements

tomato onesies
photo courtesy of

Show off your sense of humor with announcements for your twins that will make people laugh:

Always the overachievers, we’re delighted to announce we’ve made two babies at once.

Twice the giggles…half the sleep.

We’ve expanded our home by four feet.

Please welcome to the family, our two miniature humans. 

No one can say we don’t know how to multiply! Meet our twins.

We had two babies. Please send double the gifts. 

If you are wondering why you haven’t seen us in a while, just remember we had twins. 

No matter which phrase you select, you’ll want to find the perfect way to welcome your new additions into the world. Just like your children, your announcements are an extension of your unique personality, so enjoy creating something original. Choose a quality website that lets you custom design your announcements and has a good reputation. Most importantly, have fun!

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